Asbestos Removal: Costs and Caution

Asbestos removal could be warranted when an asbestos-containing material in your home is damaged, flaking, or crumbling. Find out what to do.

Asbestos is a carcinogen that was used extensively in building materials before the 1970s. It’€™s identified as duct and pipe insulation, vermiculite attic insulation, ceiling and wall acoustical tiles, cement asbestos siding, and floor tiles (and flooring tile adhesives).

Don’€™t let that frighten you, though. In the event the asbestos-containing components in your home are undamaged, leave them alone. It’€™s more harmful to disturb them, says the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In most states, you have to disclose the presence of asbestos to customers of your house.

Asbestos Removal Costs and Caution

However, should you plan to do remodeling that can disrupt the components, removing them is the best choice?

Asbestos Removal Basics

It’€™s a two-step process. Has the material tested to make sure it has asbestos? Has it removed? Here’€™s what you must know:

  • Contact your Occupational Safety and Health Administration regional office or your local asbestos program together with your state asbestos division to find out about local needs and laws.
  • If you live in Rockhampton, Australia, Seek asbestos inspectors and contractors who are certified and trained in secure asbestos testing and removal Rockhampton out.
  • To prevent conflict of interest, have suspect components examined abatement or elimination completed by another organization and by one organization.
  • Be prepared €”in some circumstances, you and your family may have to relocate while the function is being completed temporarily.

Hiring a Corrective-Motion Contractor

It’€™s okay to hire roofing, flooring, and siding contractors who might be exempt from state asbestos removing licensing requirements, as long as they are trained in asbestos removal. The EPA offers suggestions on what things to do should you hire a corrective-action contractor.

Before work begins, you’€™ll want a written contract that states all federal, state, and local regulations the contractor must follow, for example, cleanup of your premises and disposal of the components.

Get created proof from your contractor that procedures were followed correctly when the job ends. Have a follow-up check from an accredited asbestos inspector.

Asbestos Removing Costs

An asbestos inspection that is initial costs $400 to $800. A follow-up inspection when the project ends provides $200 to $400. For lab work, a sample analysis averages $25 to $75.

Asbestos removal costs fluctuate depending on the degree of the work to be completed. Contractors have a minimum payment of $1,500 to $ 3,000, no matter how small the career is.

Complete removing in a 1,500-square-meters house with asbestos everywhere walls, floors, ceilings, attic, roof, pipes €”could be as high as $20,000 to $30,000.

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